From the first click of a button to creating their own presentations and games, Computing at Lisburne is a journey through an ever-expanding digital world.

The computing curriculum intent is for children to leave Lisburne with the skills and confidence to navigate an ever-changing technological world.

All pupils at Lisburne School access Computing and technology. Resources range from classroom iPads and interactive whiteboards to touch toys, AAC equipment and immersive projector units, this ever expanding range of equipment means we are able to effectively meet every child’s needs. 

The Computing Curriculum follows a dynamic and practical approach, where children are taught to use a range of technologies, including E-safety, in a safe and hands-on way, embedded within real life contexts.  

In the early stages, we introduce Computing through experiential cause and effect; children then move on to basic computing skills such as using a mouse and keyboard, programmable toys, accessing software and beginning to explore the internet.  Our children may then move on to use more complex apps and software such as PowerPoint and Excel and they may begin to look at coding and creating their own software programs. 

Some of our children find it difficult to engage with computers, so they experience different forms of technology such as touch toys, iPads, floor robots, interactive tables and an immersive projector to develop their knowledge of how technology works. No child at Lisburne uses a computer in school without an adult present.

The teaching of Computing is cross curricular, for example, pupils may interact with electronic tills in Maths or use sound buttons to build sentences in English. We encourage our children to use their pupil voice to communicate which elements of technology they prefer, we then aim to utilise these preferences to establish a successful and healthy relationship between children and technology.

Progress is assessed through Classroom Monitor and is sustained by continuous access to a range of technologies. Children are also encouraged to use technology at their leisure, during which time; we find that children use technology thoughtfully, successfully and with great confidence. 

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Lisburne School is a Primary aged special school over three sites that caters for children with; Severe Learning Difficulties, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Complex needs.