At Lisburne School we deliver Maths daily throughout the school using a range of learning experiences which encourage independence and resilience. 

We follow the EYFS curriculum and the National Curriculum, differentiating the learning to each pupil’s individual needs using Development Matters and the Maths Learning Continuum.  We carefully monitor and track children’s progress to ensure that appropriate support and challenge is provided for each child.

In the early stages, maths is addressed through continuous provision, providing opportunities for child-led play, exploration and sensory activities. 

Throughout the school, maths is taught through other curriculum areas to ensure mathematical skills are developed in a meaningful context which is relevant to life in the wider world.  Outdoor learning opportunities are planned into the maths curriculum to encourage engagement and provide enrichment.

Each year, we hold a whole school Maths Week with a particular focus area. During Maths Week, the children are provided with opportunities to develop their skills through a range of exciting learning opportunities and activities planned around a specific theme.

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Maths Week 2021

Our theme for Maths Week this year was THE LISBURNE OLYMPICS 2021 with a focus on all aspects of measure – length, weight, capacity, time and money.  

Throughout the week, the children took part in a range of fun and engaging activities to develop their knowledge and understanding of measure concepts through real life experiences. Through a variety of outdoor learning opportunities, the children worked hard to improve their skills of matching, comparing, ordering, estimating, measuring and recording.

Every child worked towards achieving their individualised measure target through motivating, hands-on activities such as limbo and welly throwing competitions, timed challenges, races, role-play cafe, designing flags and making different coloured/sized medals. 

What a fantastic week of exciting tasks incorporating fun, health and maths!

Please see video below of some of our events that took place over Maths Week 2021:


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