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The PE curriculum intent is for children to lead an active and healthy lifestyle which, instils a love being active and participating in sports and competition. 


The PE curriculum has been tailor made to support our children through an ability and skills based approach. When leaving the EYFS curriculum, children can move onto two pathways – the formal curriculum or the pre-formal curriculum. Children who move onto the formal curriculum will access the six areas of PE throughout the academic year. These areas are dance, games, gym, athletics, outdoor adventurous activities and swimming for children in years 4-6. As a school, we have taken the PE National Curriculum as a starting point and broken these objectives down into smaller steps that our children can work on to show progress. Teachers plan a term of Gym, Games and Athletics to ensure good coverage of all the areas. 

Progress is monitored through our bespoke assessment tool which is updated regularly throughout the year. Due to the profiles of our children, some can make better progress in some areas of PE compared to others. For this reason, Class Teachers will highlight children who need additional challenge if they are confident in one area and intervention programs if a child needs more support in another. 

As well as our highly trained teachers leading and planning sessions, we do have qualified Sports Coaches working alongside classes for teachers CPD. Collaboratively, teachers and coaches will plan sessions to meet the needs and targets of each class. In addition to Sports Coaches, we also have a dance teacher that works with every class on a weekly basis. Dance sessions are a great way to build on existing skills, such as following instructions, but also help support children with their self-regulation. Finally, all children aged year 4 and above attend swimming lessons annually. This is led by an external swimming teacher who will assess children against the National Curriculum objective of being proficient in swimming at least 25m by the end of KS2.

Throughout the academic year, we ensure that children have access to several enrichment opportunities. This will cover the area of ‘Outdoor Adventurous Activities’ as well as giving our children experiences outside of a standard PE curriculum. All classes have weekly access to a Forest School session. During these sessions, children have the opportunities to use swings and hammocks, climb ladders and trees and walk over unstable terrain. All of this will help develop gross motor skills and core strength. Throughout their time at Lisburne, children will also have access to Wheelers which is an inclusive cycling center. Children are able to develop their skills and confidence around cycling regardless of their needs and abilities. Additionally, children will visit Jump Space on a rota. This is a specialist recreation centre providing trampolining, rebound therapy and active/sensory play. Again, this boosts confidence around movement, gross motor skills and core strength. Finally, we have regular outside providers coming into school to deliver a range of different activities. In the past we have had Boxercise classes, an Inflatable Tumble Track and Active Drumming sessions for all children.

We also work very closely with OT and Physiotherapists. Any additional input children need to support their physical development is diagnosed by OT and Physio. A bespoke programme is put in place for staff to follow on a regular basis. OT and Physio then regularly assess these and advise on any changes.


PE and Sport Premium Funding

We receive government funding which helps us to provide and improve the quality of PE and sports at our school.

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In addition to the statutory swimming lessons, money has been allocated to provide opportunities for children to attend swimming sessions on a 1:1 or small group basis to gain experience and confidence prior to accessing formal lessons.

The funding is also used to provide rebound therapy for a large number of our children to attend Jump Space.  Rebound therapy supports the development of motor skills, body awareness, balance, coordination and communication.

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We continue to be a member of SHAPE (Stockport Schools Health, Activity, Physical Education & Sport Alliance), which enables us to participate in competitions against other local primary schools.

All children are all given the opportunity to participate in an activity/sport that is different to the norm, for example: sailing, indoor rock climbing or horse riding.  These activities usually take place in the Summer term.

Often our upper KS2 children often access a residential away from home for several nights taking part in Outside Adventure activities and enriched learning opportunities.

Our current Physical Education Allocation for 2022/2023 is as follows:

Total Income £17,710 (estimated)

Initiative Activity Spend


(Stockport Schools Health, Activity, Physical Education & Sport Alliance)

Being a member of shape will enable us to continue to attend competitions across a range of physical activities eg boccia, golf & athletics.

We will be able to enter the Be Inspired competitions held throughout the year.

To have support with regards to reporting to Sports England on how we allocated our PE funding.


£  500

Jump Space Rebound Therapy

To enable pupils to access rebound therapy, support gross motor skills development, balancing & communication skills of the pupils attending.


Peripatetic Dance Teacher

To enable the pupils to access dance, intensive interaction and expressive movement sessions to develop their learning.



Wellbeing Week

(Sports Week)

To enable pupils to participate in a variety of activities that will support their learning & understanding of keeping active, healthy & wellbeing.   To develop & embed pupil’s understanding of a healthy life style.  To provide activities for pupils to support them to lead a healthy life style.


£1,183   (£7 per child)

Sports Coach

For external coaches to deliver a range of PE/sports sessions throughout the year.


Swimming Sessions




Physical Activity Sessions

To increase the number of pupils attending swimming sessions to experience opportunities in water in a swimming baths environment to prepare them for swimming lessons.

To provide opportunities for pupils to attend off site venues to experience physical activities to promote movement & gross motor skills.


(£7 per child)


Resources &

Staff Training

To purchase new resources and replenish existing resources.

To have external PE professionals to deliver staff training.


£ 800



Money allocated from main school budge.


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