Intervention Programmes

Talking Maths


  • This targets speaking and listening skills that are crucial to developing children’s thinking strategies when solving mathematical problems.
  • It supports children (including those for whom English is an additional language) to learn how to use mathematical vocabulary and terminology.
  • It supports children who may show some mathematical competence but who would benefit from developing their use and understanding of mathematical language in the context of mathematics.
  • Develops children’s abilities to reason, generalise, predict and recognise patterns and relationships.

SERI (Stockport Early Reading Intervention)


  • SERI is an individual reading intervention programme consisting of a 20 minute reading / writing lesson four times a week for approximately 10 weeks.
  • Prior to commencing the programme, a detailed assessment of the child’s reading and writing takes place. This ensures individualised learning is tailored to each child’s needs.
  • The SERI programme is highly effective, with children increasing their reading age in a short period of time and significantly increasing phonic and writing skills.

Sign and Shine


  • A reading scheme built on repetitive sight reading strategies
  • Initially taught with Makaton to support sight recognition
  • Blocks of 12 words are taught at a time
  • Words are taught individually, then as part of a sentence, then within a reading book
  • Once the Sign and Shine scheme is completed, children will be able to decipher 80% of all written text

Motor skills United

This is an Occupational Therapy programme designed to develop children’s motor and perceptual skills which impacts on their learning and handwriting.

intervention-programs3.png.jpgIt supports children’s development in the following areas:

  • Hand/eye co-ordination proprioception
  • Kinaesthesia and body awareness
  • Eye tracking bi-lateral integration and crossing the mid-line
  • Core stability and balance
  • Spatial awareness
  • Rhythm, auditory/visual awareness sequencing

Fine Motor Skills


  • Activities used to strengthen the small muscles of the hands, involving materials and tools that provide resistance.
  • Clay, therapy putty, Silly putty, play-doh, bread dough, modelling foam
  • Interlocking construction toys
  • Water play with spray bottles, water guns, squirt toys, sponges
  • Clothespin games
  • Hole puncher
  • Bubble Pack
  • Squeeze toys and materials
  • Dress up dolls: requires a surprising amount of hand strength and endurance

Sensory CircuitsIP7.png

  • A short sensory motor skills programme that helps to ensure children are school ready.
  • Children participate for 10-15 minutes each session
  • Activities are designed to improve brain processing efficiency and regulate mood
  • Built up of 3 sections – alert / organise / calm
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