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Science at Lisburne is a subject where children get a rich range of learning experiences designed to fill the children with a love of Science. Imaginative teaching ideas are supplemented with a range of exciting resources that promote curiosity and wonder. Developing independence forms a big part of the Science curriculum here at Lisburne School. This ranges from encouraging the children to explore different textures with increasing independence (such as rocks) all the way through to allowing the children to plan and carry out a scientific investigation independently.

The curriculum at Lisburne is centred around developing the scientific skills; with a particular focus on the 5 types of scientific enquiry. Using this model helps ensure that children of all abilities are able to access a rich range of Scientific strategies at appropriate levels. 

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The content of Science is taught on a 2-year cycle, with each year of the cycle having a term focussed on Biology, a term on Chemistry, and a term on Physics. This cycle aims to support the children with being able to explore a wide range of scientific content, whilst also allowing them the opportunity to revisit and develop previous learning.

Apple, Ash, Oak, Orange, Acorn and Holly classes follow the “My Wider World” curriculum, which incorporates a range of sensory experiences alongside some scientific ideas. 

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