Curriculum Intent

Curriculum subjects are generally taught discretely so that our children develop a true appreciation of learning.

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Many of our Lisburne children have difficulties with communication and spoken language therefore we aim to develop a curriculum that enables children to speak and write with increasing confidence and fluency. Our children learn the use of Makaton which is a language programme using symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills including attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and the organisation of language and expression.  Our children are taught about languages as an opportunity to develop cultural curiosity and a wider global awareness through our teaching of festivals and celebrations as well as our Geography teaching.


Children are provided with a wide range of musical experiences, allowing them to express themselves creatively and skilfully. Children listen to, perform and review music of different styles and cultures. They learn to sing, create and compose music on their own and with others, as well as learning simple musical notation.

Music is supported and taught in classes by a specialist teacher and a wide variety of performance opportunities are provided. Each Christmas and summer there is a school production, a “signing choir” and in addition there are individual music lessons to emotionally support some of our more vulnerable pupils. 


In SMSC children gain an understanding of a range of different faiths, including how people’s beliefs affect their daily lives. As the children progress, they explore how religious and cultural beliefs affect groups of people and societies around the world. We look at SMSC values and principles throughout school; children’s personal thoughts and beliefs are respected and shared. 

We have developed a knowledge and abilities progression map for each subject area – this highlights the learning journey with an outline of activities that will be taught and provides a clear endpoint.

Our children benefit from connections between subjects to enhance and embed learning.

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Lisburne School is a Primary aged special school over three sites that caters for children with; Severe Learning Difficulties, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and Complex needs.