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At Lisburne School, we are committed to offering our pupils a creative, broad and balanced curriculum that encompasses the teaching of Humanities within our whole school topics. Our teaching is delivered through a cross-curricular approach with every class following a topic for each term.  Teaching in a multisensory style which is adapted and individualised to meet the needs of each cohort is also fundamental to our teaching approach in order to ensure the inclusion and participation of all pupils. Topics are structured through a two year cycle allowing children the opportunity to experience History, Geography and Art and Design across the year, ensuring a breadth of coverage.

Topics are planned using a progression of skills document which allows learning intentions and planning to promote child-led learning opportunities, encouraging independence and pupil voice through an enriched curriculum. Learning is evidenced through a uniformed classroom display across all three school sites as well as individual work books.

Our Topic Themes

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The title ‘Humanities’ at Lisburne School refers to those areas of the curriculum that are delivered through the teaching of Geography, History and Art and Design.  It is through the teaching of Humanities that children begin to make sense of the world around them and through this they enrich and extend their understanding of it. 

The Different Aspects of Our Humanities Curriculum


The experiences gained through the teaching of Humanities should promote within pupils an appreciation of their geographical location and their social communities in the context of their local environment as well as the wider world and how these have changed and developed over time. These experiences should enhance our pupils’ potential to become effective, caring and passionate participants in their local community and wider society and to promote continuing interest for life.


The teaching of history fires pupils’ curiosity about the past and the wider world. All pupils have a personal history, a sense of place and a set of relationships, which provide the starting point for much of their intellectual understanding and growth. Pupils should be taught to compare and contrast their own histories with those of people separated by time or distance.

Art & Design

Art and Design is essentially a means of communication and so plays a vital part in our pupils’ creative and sensory development. The experiences gained through the Art and Design element of our Humanities curriculum should develop and stimulate the pupils’ imaginations and creativity by providing a range of visual, tactile and sensory experiences. It allows children to make thoughtful judgments about life and helps them to shape the environment and understand how Art and Design has both reflected and shaped lives.

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