Training School

Lisburne is an outstanding school and as a result of this we have a fantastic reputation with many of the local Universities, training colleges and further education establishments. We work very closely in partnership with MMU, Edge Hill Institute of Education, Sheffield and Derby Universities. We take a large number of trainee teachers on short enrichment courses or extended placements each year. We also work in close partnership with Cheadle/Marple and Stockport Colleges providing opportunities for students to work with pupils with additional needs where they know they will be supported along their learning journey. Tutors know that the students will receive a very high level of support here at Lisburne and are confident in our training programme because we take very seriously our role of mentoring and teaching.

In addition to students we also train and work with volunteers and young people wanting to gain work experience who also come into school to support our pupils within the extensive curriculum.

We continue to closely monitor the number of both students and volunteers in our school in order to provide a safe working environment.


  • This year we have continued to extend our links with Universities and Colleges. We continue to support training and placement opportunities for Sheffield Hallam, Edge Hill, MMU and Derby who continue to approach us for specialist graduate SEN placements because of our outstanding practice and positive feedback from their students over the past few years.
  • This year we have had an increase in the number of students proactively applying to complete short and long term placements here at Lisburne. Gillian Levis completes initial meetings/ interviews and discusses all specific requirements to ensure that the posts are successful for both Lisburne and the students.
  • At present we have a large number of  graduate students who have applied to complete a range of long/ short term placements and learning opportunities this academic year, these are all generously funded by their Universities and colleges.
  • On the 19th October we will have 18 PGCE trainee teachers from Stafford University who will completed a placement within classes in addition to receiving  information regarding our specialist SEN provision and sharing some strategies and interventions that will be useful when they return to their placement schools.
  • We continue to monitor and limit the number of placements in order to deliver high quality, successful teaching practices and enrichment opportunities.