The Three I’s

The three I’s refer to Intent, Implementation and Impact.


Lisburne is a place where children are provided with the opportunity to become happy, successful learners. We strive to develop self-esteem, confidence and independence in order to ensure that we nurture responsible members of the wider community. Our committed staff ensure that each child’s journey provides wonder, curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning in order that everyone achieves their full potential. Lisburne caters for the variety and diversity of learning styles that benefits all our learners and meets individual needs. We believe that we can encourage and support our children to become whoever they aspire to be, by inspiring and challenging each one of them academically and personally. We encourage close links between parents and carers to support every child’s learning journey and in order that every child achieves their full potential.

Our curriculum complements all of our school ‘Aims and Principles’; our purpose is to nurture and develop resilient, problem solving learners who are curious about their world and have a thirst for lifelong learning.

We look at what we want our children to learn across all areas of the wider curriculum; this is in the classroom, outdoor environment and generalising this learning in the community. We have clear intentions based around our 5 Principles of Learning” with an emphasis on building on previous knowledge and remembering what has previously been learnt. Our bespoke curriculum is carefully balanced in order to allow our children the enriched environment needed to embed knowledge through a variety of learning opportunities – these skills and attitudes are at the very heart of our curriculum intent.

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