We have a caring team of staff who are highly trained and experienced in dealing with a wide range of learning difficulties.

Senior Management Team

Headteacher         Mrs S Benson  B.Ed., M.Ed.

Deputy Head         Mrs G Levis  B.Ed. (Hons)

Assistant Head     Ms J Berry  B.A. Cert.Ed. (Hons)

Assistant Head     Mrs A Sharp B.A. (Hons)

Leading Practitioner Mrs Lizzie Hopkins 

School Business Manager    Mrs H Yates


Holly Class – EYFS

Teachers: Mrs. R. Bennett B.A. (Hons) , Ms. Laura Hunter.

Teaching Assistants:
Rachael Knowles (HLTA) Mrs D Goulden, Mrs. R. Whitham,  Ms. G. Crompton, Ms. J. Doran, Ms. B. Duckworth, ,  Mrs. I. Walsh, Mrs. B. Worthington, , Ms. L. Donnelly, Ms. A Robins, Ms. C. Collier, Mrs. R. Braithwaite, Mrs. C. Quayle

Pine Class – KS1

Teacher: Mrs. C. Whelan

Teaching Assistants:   Ms. F. Young, Miss. E. Whiting, Miss. C. Gittings, Miss. L. McNally 

 Cherry Class – KS1

Teachers: Ms.J. Berry, Ms. Jess Jones

Teaching Assistants: Mrs O Dinwoodie (HLTA), Mrs. V. Burgess (HLTA) Ms. S. Brown, Mr. A. O’Connor, Mrs. L. Walters

   Oak Class – KS1

Teacher: Mr. P. Santos

Teaching Assistants: Ms. Stacey Hill (HLTA), Mrs. T. Mycoe, Miss. R. Heywood

Ash Class – KS1

Teacher: Ms. N. Scott

Teaching Assistants: Ms. O. Melville (HLTA), Ms. K. Brown, Miss. I. Shepherd, Miss. A. Bradbury

 Maple Class – KS2

Teacher: Mr. R. Crompton

Teaching Assistants: Miss. A. Leach (HLTA) , Miss D. Fairclough.

  Willow Class – KS2

Teacher: Mrs. C. Pheiffer

Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Shepherd (HLTA),  Mrs D Wilks, Mrs. T. Nicholls, Mrs. D. Jennings, Miss. R. Flynn

 Chestnut Class – KS2

Teacher: Mrs. T. Travis

Teaching Assistants:, Mrs W. Bruckshaw (HLTA), Mrs S Rowlinson,

 Hazel Class – KS2

Teacher: Ms.G. Yeamans

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Sharpe,  Mr. J. Crowley,  Miss P Hilton, Mrs C Knott,

 Apple Class 1

Teacher: Ms. H. Hodson

Teaching Assistants:  Miss. R. King, Miss. E. Hutchins

Apple Class 2

Teacher: Ms. A. Newsome

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. T. Creighton (HLTA), Mrs. R. Nance, Mrs. F. Pratt

Silver Birch Class – KS2

Teacher: Ms. D. Waldron

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. C Ralphs (HLTA), Ms D Greenwood, Ms C Hayes


Forest School & PPA Teacher 

Mrs A Riley  B.Ed

Family Liaison Co-Ordinators   

Mrs K Wilson, Mrs F Southam, Mrs L Hyde

Inclusion Assistant              

Mrs C McHugh

Administration Assistants  

Mrs J Robinson, Mrs V Burgess, Mrs L Fisk, Mrs D Hanson

ICT Support Assistant       

Mr Alan Cliff


Ms Gill Westwell

Ms Rose Needham – Kitchen Assistant

Midday Supervisor               

Mrs C McHugh

Site Manager Team

Mr JD Riley – Site Manager

Ms D Albiston – Cleaner

Ms A Dempsey-Scott – Cleaner

Ms J Dempsey-Riley – Cleaner

Ms S Sweeney – Cleaner