At Lisburne School we deliver Maths daily throughout the school. We follow the EYFS curriculum and National Curriculum and differentiate to the individual needs of the pupils using  a ‘track-back’ planning tool. We carefully  monitor and track children’s progress to ensure that appropriate support and challenge is provided for each child.

Our lessons use practical ‘hands-on’ activities and resources to engage the children and we teach Maths through life skills sessions giving the subject a  ‘real life’ context.

This year we have a whole school focus on the  ‘Geometry’  strand (Shape/Position and movement) and this can be seen throughout the school through interactive and engaging displays and weekly focus sessions. Each year we have a whole school Maths week during which children will get the opportunity to develop their skills through accessing a range of learning opportunities and activities

At Lisburne School we use Track Back planning from P Level 4 to Year 6 Expectations which allows staff members to use clear and concise objectives from which to teach.

Please see our new curriculum here:

Maths New Curriculum p4-p8 Trackback Planning