Spring 2021

What we do at Lisburne School: Intensive Interaction

At Lisburne we feel it is important to share our knowledge with parents and carers and those wishing to understand more about the way we educate and communicate with the children of Lisburne School. We will be releasing a series of videos looking specifically at the teaching tools we use to develop, enhance and enrich our pupils’ education. Please find below our most recent video in this series: “Intensive Interaction”. If you wish to find out more please contact your class teacher or your Family Liaison. Many thanks.

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Spring Update – February 2021

We are pleased to see everyone return back safely to school after our February half term break. The weather can be very changeable at this time of year and it can still be a cold. Could we please remind everyone to make sure that the children come into school with clearly named/ labelled coats, hats, gloves, etc. that are suitable for the weather conditions. 

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We would like to introduce Bear, our new therapy dog.

Each week Bear will visit classes to support children’s wellbeing and support learning linked to our extended curriculum. He will be working with Richard at Forest School and in our outdoor learning environment. You will see when he has been in your child’s class through Dojo/Tapestry and Richard will also complete and post a weekly “Bear update”.

Please be aware that unfortunately due to current restrictions Bear will only be visiting classes at the main site – he will be able to visit Holly and Overdale soon but we are currently limiting the number of visitors moving between our 3 sites.

Welcome Back Newsletter – Spring 2021

Dear parents and carers,

We want to welcome everyone back and wish you a Happy New Year! The children always come back to school enthusiastic to continue with their learning and we are pleased that the school is currently to remain open under the new government lockdown guidelines. This week our classes will be looking at New Year’s resolutions and making a ‘fresh start’ – children are focussing on challenging themselves and developing new skills ~ our aim is to improve our children’s independence.

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Lisburne School Reopening January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,
Happy New Year and I hope you have had a good Christmas break.
As you are aware the whole country is in a rapidly evolving situation. We are in a national
lockdown but special schools have been advised to remain fully open to all pupils. As such we will reopen on Thursday 7th January. Your class teacher will have already spoken to you about your child’s return to school. We appreciate that you are all in different circumstances and it is a personal decision that you have each taken as to whether your child will return to school on Thursday or not…

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