Spring 2018

Spring Term Letter plus Easter Celebrations

Everyone has been so enthusiastic to continue with their learning again this term and all of our children enjoyed creative week based on fiction and rhyme a few weeks ago. The children completed some excellent work which is now on display both in classrooms and in the school corridor. Can we thank everyone who completed the homework tasks set during the week; these home school learning links really help children to consolidate their understanding.

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Lisburne Spring Term 2 & Dates for your Diary

Welcome back ~ we are pleased to see everyone return back safely to school after the February half term break. It’s due to be a little cold over the next few weeks so could we remind everyone to make sure the children come into school prepared with suitable coats, hats, gloves etc that are named or labelled clearly. All the children are so enthusiastic to continue with their learning and already started off the week with a real enthusiasm and eagerness to be back in school.

Adverse Weather Warning for Wednesday 28th February – Friday 2nd March

We have been informed by the Local Authority that there is a chance of us having heavy snow from Wednesday – Friday of this week that may affect access to school.  If there is going to be a closure or problem getting to school we will send you a message via Dojo or Tapestry, if the message isn’t read, the staff will give you a call.

Film Crew at Lisburne School 07.02.2018

On Wednesday of this week a Film Crew arrived at Lisburne School to take footage of some of our Children for an educational project in connection with Stockport Council. The project aims to highlight how we can use drama to develop ideas and educational opportunities for children within the borough. At Lisburne we focussed on drama – the children were offered the inspiration of the jungle and they had to think of the animals that might be there; a slithering snake, a swinging chimpanzee, a leaping tree frog – the children used their imagination to imitate some of these animals in motion. Please see our slideshow footage below for some of the fabulous results.

Lisburne School Minibus Unveiling

Today we officially unveiled the new Lisburne Minibus. Attendees included representatives from the Variety Club and the Bingo Association with whose help we have been able to fund this much needed vehicle. Minibuses are crucial to Lisburne School as they help enhance our life and social skills by taking us to shops, the cinema, swimming, donkeys, school trips and residentials plus many other places and adventures. The minibus enables our children to access a wide range of opportunities, essential to their learning. Finally, we could not have obtained the minibus without the help, hard work and determination of every Friend of Lisburne School – anyone that has attended a school disco or fair, organised a fun run, braved the cold water of a swimathon, donated to a sponsored walk or danced at a ball in aid of the Friends of Lisburne Charity – this unveiling could not have happened without you. Thank you all, for your donations, giving up free time, kindness, generosity and support. 

The name of the new minibus is ‘Billy Bingo’. 

Happy New Year and Welcome Back

Happy New Year and welcome back! The staff and I would all like to thank you most sincerely for the kind wishes, Christmas cards and gifts, all were greatly appreciated. We are very pleased to see everyone return safely to school after the Christmas break and I hope that you have had a good start to 2018. The children are enthusiastic to get going and continue with their learning, they have returned with enthusiasm and an eagerness to be back in school. This week we have been looking at New Year’s resolutions and making a fresh start, the older children are focussing on what we would like to challenge ourselves to improve.

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