Autumn 2019

Lisburne School Signing Choir at MENCAP

Each year we go to Dialstone Methodist Church where we sing, sign and perform a variety of Christmas songs. The event supports the charity ‘Mencap’ which aims to value, listen and include people with learning disabilities in the UK. Well done to all the children who represented Lisburne at this event. Thank you to the organisers of the event for inviting us and to the parents, carers and other members of the public that came to see and support us. Please view our short video below.

Re-location and Expansion of Lisburne School

Further to our previous information sent out in September 2019 confirming the final decision to expand and re-locate Lisburne School, we would like to provide an update on process and programme.

A number of meetings have taken place with the school’s Governing body and senior leadership team including two site visits to newly built schools and the focus is now placed on developing the design brief with the school regarding the requirements of the new building.

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Class Buddies

Last half term we enjoyed our first “Class Buddies” session. The aim of the session was for children from around school to be able to enjoy socialising and interacting with other children from around school, who they may not see on a regular basis. Across all of the sessions, the teachers commented on what a joy it was to watch the interactions and socialising between new friends from other classes. The children enjoyed activities such as, deep pressure, role play, going to the park, and Forest School. 
We look forward to continue with our Class Buddy sessions throughout the year!


E-Safety at Lisburne School

E-Safety is very important at Lisburne School. We would like to share some pieces of advice about staying safe when using technology and when being online. Please take a look at the following information and view our video which explains more about online safety. 1. Have you got permission to share photos of other children? Take care when sharing pictures on social media that other children aren’t in the background. Some children shouldn’t have their pictures on social media. 

2. Check your privacy settings on photos.

Some social media sites allow you to restrict who can see your photos to just your friends. If you don’t have secure settings try to remember not to include sensitive information about your child in the photo such as their school uniform.

3. Check your parent settings on devices and Wifi.

Most devices and wifi have parent control settings so that you can restrict what content your child is able to see and download.

4. Be aware of what your child is accessing.

Spend time with your child looking at the apps videos and games they access. It can be fun to share time together and you will know what they are accessing.

5. Balance screen time with ‘real world’ play and communication.

Try to look for opportunities to switch the screens off. Meal times or story times are great times to encourage communication. Outdoor play or play centres are great for encouraging exercise.

6. Have a ‘bedtime’ for screens at least 60 minutes before bed time.

Switching screens off an hour before bedtime helps children to ‘switch off’ and can encourage a better sleep routine.


Wear it Pink Day

Every year Lisburne gets involved in the breast cancer awareness charity Breast Cancer Now and their flagship fundraiser Wear it Pink. Children and staff are invited to donate £2.00 to the charity to come to school wearing something pink—this can be anything from shirts, socks and even wigs! In 2019 we made pink medals and wore them proudly! Thanks to everyone we raised a magnificent £132.98 for this great cause.

To find out more about Lisburne School’s fundraising efforts please view our fundraising page by clicking here. 

Non Fiction Creative Week – October 2019

This terms creative week has been based around non fiction reading, with the title ‘Reading as a life skill’.  Each class chose a theme based around their children’s individual need, from road safety to personal care and lots of areas in between.  At Lisburne we teach reading in a lots of different ways, the children engaged in a range of sensory activities supported by music, signing and symbols.  Creative weeks are all about thinking outside the box, and encouraging the children to challenge themselves in an immersive, cross-curricular way.  This was evident throughout the week and in the progress the children made.

Harvest Festival

This week we celebrated the harvest festival by inviting parents and carers into school to get involved with some harvest-related activities. We used our arts and crafts skills to create collages of vegetables and some of our other favourite foods; we used our communication skills to choose the foods we like and to thank people for their generous donations for the harvest. An assembly was held on Thursday which included songs and dancing to celebrate the giving, receiving and sharing of food. Thank you to all our parents and carers who came along to the activities and thank you for all of your kind donations which went towards the Well Spring Charity.

Welcome Back. Lisburne School Autumn 2. Diary Dates

I hope that you all had a great half term break. The two-day play scheme was a great success; I would like to thank Rachael Knowles and all the staff who enable us to provide this valuable facility during the school holiday.

Please can I remind you that our Parents Evening is Monday 11th November, I look forward to extending a particularly warm welcome to all our new parents that started with us in September as well as seeing many familiar faces. Our school Family Liaison Team, Gill Levis and myself will be available to discuss any issues and provide support or guidance ~please be aware that SALT, OT and Physio will not be present on this occasion….

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Offerton Site Letter

Hollywood Park Letter

Welcome to Lisburne School Autumn Term 2019

Dear Parents and Carers ~

A very warm welcome back ~ I hope that you had a good summer holiday. Autumn weather seems to be on its way and is quite unpredictable; please can you make sure that children come in to school with a raincoat and suitable footwear. Everyone has come in to school happy and excited to start, the teachers and staff have worked hard over the summer break to ensure that classrooms and resources were all ready for the children.

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