Lisburne School has developed an adapted curriculum which anchors our assessment systems to our philosophy of learning. We value the potential of a range of data to build the broad picture of progress for our pupils, subtle progress is significant due to the complex needs of our learners. School uses a data system which measures qualitative data through a quantitative system. We have a clear and rigorous moderation process within school and attend regular LEA moderation sessions with a range of external professionals from support/ resource and special schools to promote and ensure robust data. We have developed a range of individual learning programmes for some of our learners because we are aware that with assessment “one size does not fit all”.

We report to parents through a range of development meetings which progressively build to capture an accurate picture of individual progress. We have pupil pathways which celebrate successes and capture key moments of learning across a range of target areas through the bespoke curriculum and clearly identifying next steps in addition to potential home learning opportunities. Lisburne links therapeutic input to ensure the holistic progress of learners is not limited simply to academic processes. Teachers and class teams hold regular weekly planning and reflection meetings to promote and develop progress; we consider adaptations as a key part of our assessment process to inform interventions which are based on individual needs.