Other Agencies

Speech and Language Therapists (SALT)


SALT at Lisburne is lead by SpeechWise Therapy.

You can meet the SpeechWise team by clicking here

SpeechWise have also created two videos to introduce themselves. (The two links below will re-direct you to youtube.com):

SALT SpeechWise Lisburne Main Site and Hollywood Park Video

SALT SpeechWise Lisburne Overdale Video 

SpeechWise have also generated an article about how therapy works at Lisburne, which you can read about here

Food Therapy

  • Kristen McConkey (NHS) –  (Feeding Clinic)

Occupational Therapists (OT)


Occupational Therapy at Lisburne is lead by Manchester Occupational Therapy.

You can meet the Occupational Therapy Team here

You can find out more about the Manchester Occupational Therapy team, which classes they will be working in and discover more about what Occupational Therapy is by watching this video. (This video will redirect you to youtube.com)

  • NHS Occupational Therapist – Tony Gleeson


  • NHS Physio – Sally Hewitt
  • School physio – Kate Beatie

Pupil Support Therapy Assistants:

SALT: Anne du Fresne (Speechwise Therapy)

OT: Ashleigh Brandreth (Manchester Occupational Therapy Services) 

Sensory Support Service:

Catherine Tombs